What is Scottish Tablet?

The question most visitors to Scotland ask is: ‘What is Scottish Tablet?’

Scottish Tablet is an absolutely delicious sweet treat that’s famous throughout Scotland.   It uses very similar ingredients to fudge (except cream) but it’s cooking method makes it a very different texture.

While fudge tends to be more moist and creamy, Tablet is drier and breaks with more of a snap and we think it tastes so much nicer than fudge.

Sadly there’s quite a lot of bad tablet around and it’s such a disappointment to get a bar or bag of poor quality or mass produced tablet.  The best tablet is smooth and just melts in your mouth (like ours!) whereas bad tablet is like crunching through a sugar cube.

What is Scottish Tablet?
What is Scottish Tablet?

Careful…it’s addictive!

Tablet can become addictive and once the bag or bar has been started it usually doesn’t last very long.  We love a chunk of tablet with tea or coffee after a meal and our Malt Whisky Tablet Flavours are perfect for after dinner treats.

Where can I buy Scottish Tablet?

You can visit our online shop here to see all the different flavours of tablet we have available.

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