Donnie’s Tablet Shed – Waternish – Isle of Skye

Donnie’s Tablet Shed

If you find yourself in Isle of Skye, be sure to seek out Donnie’s Tablet Shed in Geary, Waternish. It’s stocked every day with Homemade Scottish Tablet bags and bars. On your travels, you will also find other honesty boxes in Geary selling Cakes, Jams, Preserves and also Hen and Duck Eggs.

Lots of folks wonder how honesty boxes work and it’s actually really simple.

Each honesty box will have a difference range of produce inside along with a price list.
There will also be a wee box or tub for payment.
You simply take what you want, add up the cost and add your payment to the tub.
There will usually be change available, but it all depends on what sales have taken place before you arrive. It’s therefore good to carry some mixed change with you when you are visiting the Scottish Highlands and Islands so that you don’t miss out.

The price list is the actual cost of the goods to buy – it’s not an indication price. So if you only have 50p – don’t think that you can just take 6 eggs valued at £1.50 and only put in 50p. That wouldn’t be acceptable to TESCOs and it’s not the done thing with honesty boxes either.

Many visitors also leave a wee bit extra cash, as honesty boxes tend to sell great produce at lower prices than you would expect.

Many of our visitors also take shed selfies and send them through so that we can add them to our Instagram page. Others have left wee notes, flowers and sweets for me as a wee thank you!

Hattie and Ian – Thanks for visiting!

If you can’t make it to Geary and are looking for great Scottish Tablet from Isle of Skye then you can order online at . The website also has a great range of gifts and treats from some of Scotland’s best small independent businesses. Put the kettle on, sit back and gift shop from your armchair and let me do the rest.

PS. Looks like you need a new mug for that cuppa – we have a great range here or how about one of our new “I wish I was in Skye” Donnie’s Tablet Shed enamel mugs!!


Cheers from Tablet Towers.


Donnie’s Tablet Shed

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