Peppermint Homemade Scottish Tablet Bag – 150g


150g Bag of Peppermint Homemade Scottish Tablet




Peppermint flavoured Homemade Scottish Tablet Bag – 150g 

All our Scottish Tablet is homemade in small batches with the very best ingredients as you will see from the video on the website. We only make 12 bars or 10 bags per batch and all our Scottish Tablet is freshly made for each order. The tablet comes with a 2 month use by date while still wrapped but we tend to find it’s always eaten well within 2 months.


We are so lucky to have lots of lovely repeat customers who enjoy our tablet. If you are ordering for the first time we really hope you enjoy our tablet and become regular customers and friends.

150g of our Peppermint  Tablet in a presentation bag complete with tartan ribbon

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Weight 150 g


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