Dundee Cake 2024

The Origins of Dundee Cake

Dundee cake is a traditional Scottish fruitcake that is often associated with the city of Dundee here in Scotland.

The original commercial development of the cake began in Dundee in the late 18th century in the shop of Janet Keiller  but was possibly originally made for Mary, Queen of Scots in the 16th century.  It was mass-produced by the marmalade company Keiller’s marmalade who have been claimed to be the originators of the term “Dundee cake”.

A popular story is that Mary Queen of Scots did not like glacé cherries in her cakes, so the cake was first made for her, as a fruit cake that used blanched almonds and not cherries.  The top of the cake is typically decorated with concentric circles of almonds

. The cake has a rich, dense texture and a slightly crumbly, buttery flavor. It’s often enjoyed during special occasions or as a treat with tea or coffee.

Buy Dundee Cake

We stock Dundee Cake made by Nevis Bakery. Their cake comes as a cutting slab, made using fresh orange rind, juices & butter topped with flaked almonds. Beautifully moist.

A best seller with many, many repeat purchases.

What our customers say

Julia: This is the second time that I have ordered the Dundee cake from Nevis bakery. It is the best they have ever eaten.

David: Delicious. Only complaint was that it was gone too soon!

Pam: Rich fruit cake, just as it should be. Very good indeed.

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