Scottish Tablet

What is Scottish Tablet?

Scottish tablet is a traditional Scottish sweet that is similar in some ways to fudge but 100 times nicer! The ingredients are similar to fudge but the taste and texture are completely different. Real Scottish Tablet is made from just 3 or 4 ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Always try to choose Homemade Tablet and avoid mass produced tablet heavy on vanilla flavourings.

How do you make Scottish Tablet?

I use sugar, butter, and condensed milk, and this is boiled to a very high temperature. It’s impossible to provide a recipe as everyone’s tablet will be different. Timing is important and this will all depend on the weather, the type of pot used and also the brand of butter, sugar and condensed milk. After the ingredients have been boiled, it’s important to beat the mixture well before pouring into your tray to leave to set. The tablet should be set within about 30 mins and without the need to put in the fridge.

My tablet is extremely smooth and just melts in your mouth. It has a rich, buttery, and slightly caramelised flavour. What you don’t want is tablet that’s too soft. You will know it’s too soft by the light colour and also the fact that it doesn’t “pop” out of the tin.

Buy Great Taste Award winning Scottish Tablet

All my homemade Scottish Tablet is made in small batches here on the Isle of Skye. It’s available through the Donnie’s Tablet Shed at the gate of our cottage here on the stunning Waternish Peninsula, and also available for worldwide delivery via our online shop.

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